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    We continue to seek new industry and research partners in Australia and overseas.

    Signing of a partnership in Singapore with ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr officiating.

    Industry partnerships

    Our technology can create valuable products from
    CO2 and flue gas streams by using mineral feedstocks.
    We continue to form partnerships with companies in sectors such as: cement, steel, manufacturing, power generation, and resources.

    We are conducting pre-feasibility studies and materials assessments with regional partners to identify customer opportunities.

    Contact us directly if you would like to discuss specific partnership opportunities.

    Our researchers

    Our researchers

    Our own industrial scientists, process and chemical engineers bring industrial rigour, experience and implementation science to our work. We collaborate with a number of research organisations, including the University of Newcastle, University of Sydney, Columbia University (United States) and A*Star (Singapore).

    Our funders and collaborators at public unveiling


    We actively welcome all solutions to CO2 utilisation. Without collaboration there is no market.

    The sector is now emerging and driven by major industrial companies joining up and advocating for CO2 value, Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) and carbon solutions. CO2Value Europe and CO2Value Australia are examples of industrial coalitions promoting engineered carbon solutions to help industry to decarbonise.


    We believe all climate solutions should maintain a social license from their inception. MCi engages with many environmental groups and think tanks, both nationally and internationally. We also provide briefings to other stakeholders, such as state/national governments and a range of industries, on the lifecycle impact of our technology platform. This includes the wider implications of decarbonising key sectors and creating value from CO2. Contact us directly if you would like to discuss our environmental and sustainability agenda.

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