• Our CO2 solution

    How MCi is addressing the challenge of CO2 emissions.

  • The MCi platform

    First experimental cement bricks produced with CO2 in MCi's process

    Our approach

    Developing a large scale solution to climate change requires sponsors and stakeholder support in government, industry, research, media and the public interest. Our Team is multi-disciplinary and draws on talents in research, chemical engineering, policy, business, communications and management. We have progressed through the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) by consistently taking a methodical approach to innovation, experiments, design, construction and testing. We are focussed on reducing technical risks and developing the economic models that will allow for the widespread adoption for our technology globally.

    MCi's carbon reactor

    Our technology

    MCi has now designed and built three carbon reactor systems including its flagship, a global reference pilot plant. It was publicly launched by the NSW Minister for Energy and Resources along with industry and climate change think tanks and national media in July 2017.

    This is the first such build of a purpose designed research pilot plant for CO2 mineral carbonation beyond laboratory scale in the world. Importantly it has allowed us to progress the science and engineering towards establishing the commercial feasibility of mineral carbonation as a carbon utilisation solution for industry without the need for a carbon price. Read WEF Article

    Pilot Plant is located in Newcastle Australia.

    Our IP

    MCi developed its program under research commercial secrecy. This has enabled us to build considerable knowhow in the newly emerging field of carbon utilisation. We have investigated many process routes including those with favourable economics into our technology stack.

    All our IP is backed by lifecycle analysis and industry economic models. Our R&D has been developed under the observation and peer review of government and industry funders. We hold several key patents throughout the world, however in order to maintain the integrity of intellectual property much of our technology stack and specialist knowledge is not publicly disclosed or published.

    Our progress

    Our team receives advice and direction from some of the most noted leaders in our field. Over the past 12 years we have developed a unique technology platform. Our focus for the past
    8 years has been our pilot plant program.

    We are now working with industry customers to identify demonstration plant sites capable of processing initially up to 50,000 tonnes of CO2 annually - with the potential to scale fully up to a million tonnes of CO2 per plant annually.

    Our field

    Advanced carbonation has become an important field of research and development, which differentiates itself as a carbon utilisation technology. In terms of carbon utilisation, value rather than cost is the key driver. How much value can we create from a tonne of
    CO2 on scale?

    Our work and our technology is completely different to that being developed in the carbon capture and storage (CCS) or the geo-sequestration field. Our field of science and engineering is beginning to attract significant funding from national governments in the UK, EU, Canada, Singapore, Finland, Holland, South Africa and China. The 2018 we joined a number of the world's leading researchers in Newcastle, Australia, to share our insights at the International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Material Engineering (ACEME).

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