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    Itochu visit to MCi Pilot Plant

    6 May 2021:

    Australia-Japan cleantech partnership looks to reduce Japan’s industrial CO2 Emissions

    Australian cleantech developer Mineral Carbonation International (MCi) has closed a deal with Japanese giant ITOCHU Corporation (ITOCHU) to promote applications of MCi’s low emissions carbon utilisation technology using ITOCHU’s group network.
    MCi CEO Marcus Dawe with Minister Angus Taylor & UON Vice chancellor Alex Zelinsky

    1 March 2021:

    ABC Newcastle Article: Energy Minister Angus Taylor launches $50 million fund for carbon capture and use (CCUS) projects

    "The great benefit of utilisation is that you can reduce the costs even further, that's why there's a lot to like about it, and that's the beauty of what they're doing right here."

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    CTO Mark Rayson, CEO Marcus Dawe, Minister Angus Taylor

    1 March 2021:

    Minister Angus Taylor announces $50M carbon capture use and storage fund at MCi plant in Newcastle

    Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction officially opens fund to support development of CCUS technologies to achieve a low emissions future at the world-leading CCU-focused MCi Global Reference Pilot Plant.

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    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang with an experimental carbon cement building block

    27 Feb 2021:

    Spanish on-line magazine Arquitectura y Empresa.



    MCi featured in a Spanish online architecture magazine.

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    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang with an experimental carbon cement building block

    20 November 2020:

    WEF Article

    How to turn industrial emissions into building materials.
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    MCi Chief Engineer with Minister Pitt

    17 November 2020:

    Australian Federal Resources Minister visits MCi Plant

    MCi welcomed Federal Resources Minister The Hon Keith Pitt MP to its pilot plant in Newcastle in November.

    AMR Nov 2020

    12 Nov 2020:

    Australian Mining Review

    "Unlocking carbonation potential"
    MCi is applying its technology to decarbonising mining and creating sustainable pathways for nickel and other mineral resources. Read here

    Industrial waste turned into materials using CO2

    3 September 2020:

    Science Article

    MCi mentioned in this article: Industrial waste can turn planet-warming carbon dioxide into stone

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    Negative Emissions Technology Report

    31 July 2020:

    Negative Emissions Technology Report

    MCi and mineral carbonation included in this report which outlines the solutions available to draw down our atmospheric carbon and lock away as negative emissions.

    30 June 2020:

    Recycling CO2

    CO2 Value Australia (Sophia Hamblin Wang), CO2 Value Europe (Dr. Stefanie Kesting), and Global CO2 Initiative (Volker Sick) share their common vision in this position paper, which highlights the value of technologies which use CO2 as a material component to make valuable products.

    25 June 2020:

    Can Australia's emission reduction journey lead
    to economic growth?

    Do you follow us on LinkedIn? Check out our CEO Marcus Dawe's latest article in response to the Australian Government's Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang authors report

    17 June 2020:

    Asia Society features Sophia Hamblin Wang as
    Disruptive Asia author

    Great to see our COO Sophia Hamblin Wang invited by the Asia Society to contribute an article to the Disruptive Asia series. Her article "Creating Value in CO2" looks at ways in which Australia can support its regional trade partners to decarbonise profitably.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang on Q&A

    1 June 2020:

    Q+A: Australia's
    Energy Future

    This episode of Q+A looked at responses to the Australian Government's Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper. The participants were Sophia Hamblin Wang,
    Matt Canavan, Zali Steggall,
    Joel Fitzgibbon and
    Zoe Whitton.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang on podcast

    4 May 2020:

    Sophia chats with podcast host Osher Gunsberg

    Osher Gunsberg has an in-depth conversation with Sophia about a range of topics, including the establishment of MCi as a clean tech company, how she built her capacity as Chief Operations Officer and the early R&D phase. Interview begins from timecode 14:30.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang on Sky News

    2 May 2020:

    MCi featured on
    Sky News

    Sophia continues to be in demand with the national and international press. Check out her latest interview with Sky News.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang in Australian article

    20 March 2020:

    Sophia featured as
    The Deal cover story

    Technology Editor David Swan interviews Sophia about her path to becoming COO of MCi and the potential for carbon utilisation technology.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang on Q&A

    10 February 2020:

    Q+A: Climate Solutions

    This episode of Q+A looked at Australian responses to climate change in the face of energy requirements and clean tech developments. The participants were Sophia Hamblin Wang, Jennifer Westacott, Osher Gunsberg, Martijn Wilder and Matthew Evans.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang at Davos

    26 January 2020:

    Australia Day at Davos2020

    Our COO Sophia Hamblin Wang representing Australia (and the ANU) at Davos together with Professor Brian Schmidt (12th Vice-Chancellor), the Hon Julie Bishop (13th Vice-Chancellor) and Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang with an experimental carbon cement building block

    24 January 2020:

    Sophia participates at Davos2020

    Capturing carbon emissions could yield the equivalent of 50 billion tonnes in manufactured goods. How can large emitters raise their carbon productivity to meet business and climate goals? Chief Operating Officer Sophia Hamblin Wang joins the panel discussion in Davos, Switzerland.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang in NT Times article

    19 January 2020:

    Sophia featured in the New York Times

    Sophia discusses her expectations for the WEF 2020, where she will take part in a panel discussion titled Building
    a New Carbon conomy
    Paywalled for non-subscribers.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang in Time article

    18 January 2020:

    MCi on world stage
    at Davos

    Our COO and carbon solution evangelist, Sophia Hamblin Wang, is featured as an upcoming participant of the World Economic Forum 2020.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang at UN Youth Climate Summit

    22 Sept 2019:

    Sophia appointed as Representative for inaugural UN Youth Climate Summit

    Sophia will be joining a select group of 500 world-leading youth involved in solutions and initiatives that address climate change. The 2-day summit hosted in New York will be held ahead of the UN Climate Change Summit.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang at Siemens event

    30 July 2019:

    CO2 product industry valued at $US1 trillion

    Imaging turning the CO2 from steel and concrete production into something useful, like sustainable building materials. That’s the role that emerging technologies could play in meeting our emission reduction targets, as The Fifth Estate heard at the Siemens Digitalise conference in Brisbane heard.

    CO2 Value Australia launch

    June 2019:

    CO2 Value Australia launch

    MCi has contributed to the formation of an advocacy group designed to advance the awareness of Australia's emerging CO2 utilisation industry. CVA will takes its lead from the European equivalent group CO2 Value Europe which has more than 70 members throughout Europe.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang with an experimental carbon cement building block

    May 2019:

    MCi CINSW Report

    An Australian developed technology platform for Carbon Utilisation.
    Read here.
    MCi executive team at Australian Parliament House

    April 2019:

    GreenMag Group buyout UON shareholding as MCi prepares for capital raise

    As MCi progresses toward its first industrial demonstration plant, founding shareholder GreenMag has bought out the University of Newcastle's shareholding for an undisclosed sum. Preparations are being made for the July 2019 private investment opening.
    UON continues to be a valued research partner.
    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang at CO2 Value Europe

    19 March 2019:

    MCi presents to general assembly of CO2 Value Europe (CVE) in Cologne

    MCi presents its progress to members of the CVE forum in Cologne Germany. This group is building the momentum for CO2 solutions in industry which reduce emissions whilst creating economic value.

    CEO with carbon bricks

    December 2018:

    MCi completed 5 year pilot plant program

    MCi has successfully completed its 5-year program to build and test its first-of-a-kind research pilot reactors. It continues to progress its follow-on research, funded by CRC-P grants. MCi is currently developing designs
    for demonstration plants and advanced materials development.

    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang wins award for MCi

    25 June 2018:

    MCi: award: Resource Innovator of the Year

    MCi wins first place in the
    Global Raw Material Summit in Berlin. COO Sophia Hamblin Wang represented MCi at this year's competition by pitching against other leading solutions in chemical engineering for new materials technologies.

    CEO Marcus Dawe and COO Sophia Hamblin Wang with Officials from Symposium.

    16 April 2018:

    2nd Australia-Japan Symposium on Carbon Resource Utilisation

    MCi COO Sophia Hamblin Wang presents the initial outline for an Australian carbon industry network to be formed to assist in aligning industry with the participants and solutions in the carbon value chain.

    CEO Marcus Dawe, Minister Don Harwin, GreenMag Chair John Beever

    25 August 2017:

    Public Unveiling of MCi Latest Pilot Plant

    NSW Minister Don Harwin at public unveiling of MCi’s latest semi-continuous pilot plant.

    18 August 2017:

    Beyond Zero Emissions book launch

    BZE’s launch of ‘Rethinking Cement’. CEO Marcus Dawe presented MCi’s technology as a solution to carbon utilisation in cements to audience.

    20 July 2017:

    Presenting at ICCU15 in Shanghai

    15th International Conference on CO2 Utilisation in Shanghai : CTO Mark Rayson talks about MCi’s technology as a solution to carbon utilisation.

    MCi expands R&D

    1 July 2017:

    R&D program expands with CRC-P grant

    MCi kicks off its next project with a $2.4m grant and shareholder contributions. The 3-year program will extend research with the UON and Orica, to support the integration of simulated flue gases containing CO2 from industrial sources into the pilot plant.

    20 June 2017:


    CEO Marcus Dawe discusses MCi's technology, as a solution for carbon utilisation, at the Global CCS Institute
    Asia Pacific Forum.
    COO Sophia Hamblin Wang with an experimental carbon cement building block

    2 March 2017:

    First experimental carbonate bricks created

    MCi creates its first experimental building materials, developed from the bulk carbonates produced by its latest semi-continuous plant (which is now commissioned).

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    Coming soon: a tour of the MCi plant in Newcastle

    Register for the DECHEMA CO2 online World Tour here.

    Join the first DECHEMA Summer Special focusing on Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU),
    to learn how a number of pathways are being actively explored throughout the world. Join the
    Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie) and MCi on this global tour of facilities already in operation throughout a number of countries.

    Our CEO's TEDx Talk

    In 2013 MCi co-founder and CEO Marcus Dawe presented to TEDX
    our founding principle:
    What to do with CO2.

    Public research papers

    This 2018 study on mineral carbonation looks at heat activated lizardite at pilot and laboratory scale.

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    May 6, 2021 · Press Releases
    Australian cleantech developer Mineral Carbonation International (MCi) has closed a deal with Japanese giant ITOCHU Corporation (ITOCHU) to promote applications of MCi’s low emissions carbon utilisation technology using ITOCHU’s group network. MCi uses carbon engineering processes to transform...
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