• Mineral Carbonation International

    Mineral Carbonation International (MCi) is an Australian clean technology company transforming CO2 emissions into valuable materials that provide profitable decarbonisation pathways for the mining, manufacturing and energy sectors.
    MCi is headquartered in Canberra, Australia with its R&D operations and its flagship global reference pilot plant
    located in Newcastle (New South Wales).


    MCi uses carbon engineering processes to transform captured CO2 emissions from most industrial sources into solid materials that can be used to manufacture a range of low carbon building and construction products. We use CO2 as a resource and create profitable pathways for many industries to reduce their emissions. This is carbon utilisation (CCU).


    Our technology provides a novel decarbonisation solution for industry that is not reliant
    upon carbon pricing, offsets or subsidies.


    The breakthrough provided with MCi's carbon platform is twofold. It has a very low process and energy cost, and secondly it is adaptable and scalable to integrate into many industrial scenarios such as mineral processing, steel, cement, hydrogen, gas and chemical production.


    In 2020, following a successful 7-year period of research funded by Australian Governments and industry partners, we began our commercialisation process. Our expertise and solid techno-economic models allow us now to work with a range of national and international customers and partners as we scale our technology.


    We lock away CO2 safely and permanently.

  • Dr Geoff Brent, Dr. Klaus Lackner and CEO Marcus Dawe at Columbia University

    Our story

    MCi was founded in 2013 after 7 years of independent research by its founders GreenMag Group and Orica. The Australian Commonwealth and NSW Governments committed $6.08M in grants to the MCi program following public funding processes which were matched by Orica Ltd as the industry funder.

    MCi's headquarters are in Canberra and its research and technical facilities are located at the Newcastle Institute for Energy Research (NIER) where it operates its pilot plant facility.


    In 2017 MCi won further Commonwealth Government funding towards a $8.3M program to advance the pilot program towards industrial applications by taking CO2 from raw flue gas as a CO2 capture process path from cement and steel industries as well as fossil fuel energy generators.


    Now in 2020 with solid techno-economics and a substantial portfolio of IP, MCi is commercialising its technology with industrial customers and funders.

  • The MCi Research Pilot Plant Team at University of Newcaastle

    MCi and carbon utilisation

    Mineral Carbonation International (MCi) is an Australian based privately held company which is developing technology for carbon utilisation (CU). Its priority is to develop the technology platform for large scale transformation of CO2 into valuable products by combining with minerals or waste streams through an accelerated natural process called mineral carbonation.


    Now as we scale this would assist as a transition technology for the major emitting industries as they move away from high carbon emissions to sustainable energy mixes and near zero carbon emissions.

    It is estimated that the market for carbon utilisation in industry is US$1trillion in the US and US$6Trillion globally. Source: Carbon180

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